Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things Savages Like: Pizza

As stated in our introductory posts (which were glorious I might add), Savages love food. And what better food is there on the face of the earth (that line will be repeated for any food on a Savage's mind at a given moment) than pizza.  And I'm not talking about that bleeding tomato sauce cake from an unspecified city in Illinois, I'm talking about a delicious slice of culinary heaven from an unspecified city in the Northeast.  In case you haven't noticed, we're trying to not identify any cities directly so we don't put anyone off. But, if you want a clue, the latter above comes from a city that rhymes with zoo fork, while the former comes from a city that rhymes with...shitty pizza.

The cheese...the sauce...the dough...the grease...the red pepper flakes...the trumpets rising in a beautiful melody of satisfaction when you take that first bite.   I must say, any food that you can fold in half and see a puddle of cheese/grease/love down the spine of the fold...well.......hold on I'm having trouble speaking......that's a Savage favorite.   Have you ever just walked into a pizzeria and had to sit down because the smell was just so incredibly awesome?      Uhhhhhhh....neither have I.......I was just asking.  But that's only if you go to the eatery itself, because the amazing thing about pizza is that someone will BRING IT TO YOUR HOUSE.    It boggles the mind.

And the toppings...what type of food is so entirely customizable.   Cheese?  good.   Pepperoni?  good.   Sausage?  good.   Onion?    good.    Mushrooms?  good.    Anchov-......just kidding.   That's vile.

I'm too hungry now to finish the rest of this post.  So in closing, may your pizzas always be greasy and your cheese always be stringy...


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