Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What he said

As my esteemed colleague (and brother) so eloquently posted to this amazingly insightful yet incredibly childish blog, we ARE the Savage Brothers.    We're not going to apologize for our stupidity and intellect; in fact, we're going to expect that you embrace it.   And not only that, we expect you to come back.   What do we offer in return?  Well...you want to laugh?   We got it.    You want to walk away shocked and awed?   It's here.   You want to have a new perspective on life's minutiae?  Done.   You want to get your jollies seeing two college-educated grown men act like morons?   That uhhh....yeah, that's here too.  

Anyways, enough with the verbal diarrhea.   We hope you enjoy the inner workings of our mind.  We do.  And that's all we really care about.   (that and pizza)

And so, without further ado...WELCOME TO SAVAGE KINGDOM...<cue entrance to Jurassic Park music>


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