Saturday, March 12, 2011

15 Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Neighbor Utter on a Long Plane Ride

-"Wanna share pillows?"
-"That spicy Indian food I just had in the airport was gooooood."
-"Meet me in the lavatory in 10...bring an extra shirt."
-"Are you a fan of ventriloquy?
-"I'm a sweater...big time."
-"Can I borrow your shoes?"
-"This is my connection flight to Boston."
-"I better make sure I know where my airsickness bag is."
-"You're not allergic to excessive amounts of Drakkar Noir, are you?"
-"I bet you're a screamer."
-"Meet my newborn baby."
-"How much extra room are you gonna have in your hotel room?"
-"I forgot my muzzle."
-"You're probably gonna wanna keep your distance."
-"Hi, I'm Dane Cook."

(for kicks, insert any of Randy, Ben, or Fred Savage into that last one)

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