Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrity Questions - Take 6

Owen Wilson
You do realize you're starting to resemble Barbara Walters, right?

Chelsea Clinton
Did anyone ever think it was possible for Hilary to be known as the "less ugly Clinton broad?"

Kim Jong-il
Those are ladies' frames...

Daniel Day-Lewis
Ya know, perhaps other people around you might find staying in character 24 hours a day a little annoying.

Janet Jackson
Did you happen to guzzle a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it?

Gilbert Gottfried
Ya know, you're just an idiot altogether.

Orlando Bloom
How come no one seems to notice that you're not in the upcoming Pirates sequel?

Pretty Much Any "Humanitarian" Celebrity
You gonna use donating to the crisis in Japan as a stepping stone for publicity too?

Taylor Swift
Did someone spill some white trash all over you?

Why is another sport having a work stoppage bigger news than you starting your work for the year?


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