Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things Savages Like: The Fonz

Yeah, we like him. How could anyone not love the coolest greaser-type ass magnet since James Dean? So what if making a thumbs up is inherently nerdy? When The Fonz does it, we know all is well with the world. And inexplicably surrounding himself with complete fuckin losers? Just makes Fonzie look that much diesel-kickass. Is there anyone among us who hasn't tried jabbing a jukebox with the intent of putting our favorite song on? It inevitably ends with us sorrowfully realizing we're not in the same badass realm that Arthur Fonzarelli occupies.

With the snap of his fingers, he can accomplish anything, from changing the channel to leaving another virginal teenager in his wake. And is there anyone else in the universe who could pull off having their self-appointed "office" in a men's bathroom, and NOT have even the slightest amount of rumblings from the gay police? This guy oozes sex appeal to the ladies, and any man who tries to test Fonz's mettle quickly gets his dick knocked in the dirt.

This man has a code. This man literally jumps sharks. This man helped paved the way for cockiness to be a staple of being cool. This man is a role model.



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